Huggins defends its Rubigas

Geo. F. Huggins and Company Ltd, agents of RUBIGAS, says a new tamperproof seal will soon be implemented on its filled Liquid Petroleum Gas cylinders.

Media practitioners were taken on a demonstration tour at the Huggins Petroleum Division Refurbishing Facility in Mt Gay and the Rubigas Terminal in Grand Mal, St George’s on Monday.

Divisional Manager of Huggins’ Petroleum Division, Charlie George told reporters that the traditional red seal used by the former company Texaco, was discontinued after Rubigas took over the company three years ago.

George said the company is considering a new “tamper-proof” shrink sealing arrangement to be introduced by the end of the year and that a red seal may be re-introduced temporarily.

According to Rubigas Country Representative, Charles Archer, his company intends to keep its commitment to the people of Grenada to replace approximately 70,000 white cylinders within the next two years.

He explained that the company has already brought in some 15,000 green cylinders since it started operations in late 2012 and that a shipment of some 5000 cylinders is en-route to Grenada.

Archer said that Rubigas is also in the process of standardising all cylinder bottles.

Members of the media were first taken to the Petroleum Division Refurbishing Facility in Mt Gay where Brian Strachan, Marketing Manager, demonstrated their Hydro-Static Testing system, Shot Blasting System and pressure testing systems which ensures that the cylinders brought in are properly cleaned on the inside and that it can withhold the required capacity of gas.

The cylinders are cleaned of paint, tested three times to ensure no leakage and then repainted for fuelling and distribution.

The tanks are also pressure washed and pressure tested regularly to ensure that customers receive the same high quality product each time.

Manager Corporate Marketing at Huggins, Denise Parke-Langaigne told reporters that the company stands confidently behind its product.

Huggins believes that the problems experienced by some consumers  with gas leakages relate to their personal equipment such as stove, gas hose and gas head.

The company suggested that homeowners conduct checks on their equipment and that gas regulators be changed every five years to prevent leakage.

Grenada was the first island in the Caribbean to introduce the RUBIS brand and the company boasts of an 85% market share over its competitors.

RUBIS has been re-branded in some 67 Texaco service stations in the Eastern Caribbean since October 2012 at a cost of US$3.5m.

Rubis West Indies Limited is now a major player in the fuels distribution business in the Caribbean.

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