Alexis calls for ceasefire

Former Attorney General Dr. Francis Alexis has urged the two main political parties on the island, the New National Party (NNP) and the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to put aside their differences now that the country is engaged in a series of public consultations on Constitutional Reform.

Dr. Alexis, a Queen’s Counsel (QC) who is the Chairman of the Constitution Advisory Committee believes this is the right time for the two major political parties to work together in the interest of achieving constitutional reform.

Both the NNP and the NDC have Representatives on the Constitution Advisory Committee.

The NNP is represented by Senator Simon Stiell, while former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas is representing the NDC.

NNP and NDC are the only two political parties with representatives on the committee.
Dr. Alexis who is an expert in Constitutional Law told a television programme that the two major political parties on the island have a responsibility to put a ceasefire in place and to allow the country to go through a zone of peace until they reach the stage of the referendum on constitutional reform.

However, NDC’s Political Leader Senator Nazim Burke has place the country on alert stating that the main opposition party will not be part of any game plan being embarked upon by the government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

“ We cannot sit back and watch the government and its surrogates make a mockery of the existing constitution, and at the same time pretending that they are concerned about the constitution, and so we are therefore putting the … New National Party administration on notice that if it continues to violate the constitution of Grenada, the National Democratic Congress will withdraw its collaboration… in the constitution reform process now underway and focus our energies on the defense of the existing constitution,” he said.

This is the fourth attempt being made in the area of constitutional reform on the island.

The first one was held in 1985 under former St. Kitts Governor, Sir Fred Phillips, the other in 2006 led by former high court judge, Lyle St. Paul, and third which ended in 2013 was spearheaded by late UWI law Professor, Dr. Randy McIntosh.

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