Murder on Good Friday

Murder suspect Molton Matthew - appeared in court on Tuesday

Murder suspect Molton Matthew – appeared in court on Tuesday

A long-standing feud between two families in Windsor Forest, St. David’s has finally resulted in the death of one clan member over the Easter holiday weekend .

Dead is 27-year old Lyndon Antoine who is popularly known in the city as “The Kite Man” as he was often seen over the last 4 years selling kites in the weeks leading up to Good Friday.

A charge of murder has been slapped on 23-year old Molton Matthew of the same village who was described as a security officer by profession.

Antoine was living in the Argyle portion of Windsor Forest while the murder accused is from Toco Bay within the same village.

Matthew appeared in the Grenville Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday before Magistrate Teddy St. Louis and was remanded to the Richmond Hill prison until his next court appearance on May 12 at the St. David’s Magistrate’s Court.

THE NEW TODAY visited the area and was told that on the day of the incident, the deceased and Che “Kartel” Matthew, a brother of the murder accused was engaged in gambling for money.

The incident occurred in a hillside area known as “Madey” where most persons from the village and surrounding areas will assemble on Good Friday to fly kites and engage in fun and frolic like buying drinks on sale from bars.

Lyndon Antoine - received a deadly blow to the forehead

Lyndon Antoine – received a deadly blow to the forehead

An informed source said the gambling started off with about 20 young persons and it came down to Antoine and “Kartel as the only two persons who were into the finals for the “winner take all” money on the table.

“Kartel” is the father of a one-month old baby with the sister of the dead man.

It is alleged that the deceased complained that “Kartel” had attempted to cheat and based on the gambling rules he (Lyndon) was entitled to take all the money.

According to the source, just as Antoine was about to take possession of the money, the accused struck him a vicious blow in the area of the forehead with a “Spice Wood”.

The deceased reportedly never regained any form of consciousness after the blow to the head.

The injured man was taken to the St. George’s General Hospital and a few hours later succumbed to the injury to his head.

An autopsy revealed that Antoine died “as a result of skull fracture resulting from trauma to the head”.

The deceased has left behind a 5-year old son, Rajohn Buckmire who was living with him.
A close family member of the deceased told THE NEW TODAY that the young boy was everything that mattered to Lyndon.

“He (Lyndon) would bathe and dress him for school, drop him to school and go and pick him up after school. His priority was his son. I don’t know how his son will take the death”.

The source said that as soon as Antoine was struck, other members of the Mathew family armed with a knife and cutlass moved in a menacing manner in the direction of Leon, the brother of the deceased.

About nine months ago, Leon had an altercation with “Kartel in which he used a cutlass to strike him over an incident involving his sister.

There are unconfirmed reports that Leon who was on the scene had to flee as some members of the Matthew family moved swiftly in his direction armed with cutlass and knife.

Some villagers have also told the police investigating party that several death threats were made against Leon after the incident with “Kartel”.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper, the distraught mother of the deceased, Jacinta Antoine was seen to be visible shaken at the loss of her son whom she described as “very dear to my heart”.

“He (Lyndon) was the best that passed here (in Argyle) for a long time, the whole village will tell you that. My son was very nice to me”, she said.

The mother was in Trinidad at the time of the death and flew into the island on Saturday after hearing of the tragic death.

She spoke of speaking with her son each day on his cell-phone and  that the last time they spoke was on Thursday.

According to the mother, Lyndon was in town selling kites and was attending to a customer and could not talk much with her on the phone.

She said: “He said he was going to call me back when he reached home. When he did not call, I called him but he did not answer the phone”.

A source told this newspaper that the deceased had just over EC$1000.00 with him from the sale of kites when he was struck and fell to the ground.

He said when the pocket was searched at the hospital all the money had disappeared.

“They took the money up there from him”, he remarked.
According to reports in the area, the two families have been engaged in some kind of warfare in recent years and that many reports were made to the St. David’s Police Station.

The mother of the murder accused, a prominent Spiritual Baptist leader visited Argyle a day after the incident to express condolences to the family of the deceased but was reportedly chased out of the area.

The mother has been accused of encouraging her sons to engage in acts of violence against other persons in the neighbourhood.

Only last year, THE NEW TODAY carried a report in which a former GRENLEC employee was chopped in the head and left badly wounded by sons of the Baptist woman after he used a cutlass to chop off the head of a young goat that was eating the crops in his garden.

The injured man had complained repeatedly to the Baptist Woman and allegedly without satisfaction about the constant attacks on his crops by animals belonging to her family.

The villagers have often accused the Baptist woman of encouraging her sons to bully persons in Windsor Forest.

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