CBN and NLA donate to multiple organisations

Presentation Party and Recipients at CBN/NLA Good Cause Initiative

Presentation Party and Recipients at CBN/NLA Good Cause Initiative

A total of EC$110,000.00 was handed out as donations to various organisations that fall outside of the Sports-and-Culture mandate of the Grenada National Lottery Authority.

The donations were part of a joint effort of Canadian Bank Note (CBN), under the joint CBN/NLA Good Cause Initiative.

Details of the donations were made known to the local media at a press conference held April 11 at the Carenage Sporting Complex, involving government officials, representatives of CBN and NLA and members from the Grenada Patient Kidney Foundation and Grenada Boys Scouts.

NLA General Manager, Geoffrey Gilbert, highlighted the commitment of the board of directors of the authority, which allowed for the hosting of this activity.

“I commend the board for fulfilling the stipulated requirement of paying our management fees to CBN on time; and because of that, CBN is now keeping its promise by giving back to charitable causes within the State of Grenada”, he said.

The recipients of the donations under the CBN/NLA Good Cause Initiative are the Ministry of Health (EC$55,000.00, distributed as follows:

Ministry of Health – $35,000.00

HIV/AIDS – $5,000.00

Oncology – $5,000.00

Mirabeau Hospital – $5,000.00

Sickle Cell – $5,000.00

In addition, Grenada Boy Scouts ($2,500.00), Grenada Girl Guides ($2,500.00), Grenada Patient Kidney Foundation ($10,000.00), Food Hampers given out on (December 13) some $20,000.00; and Government, Private Geriatric and Children Homes- $20,000.00.

Two representatives from CBN visited the island for the presentations – Simon Wall (Director for Business Development) and Anup Kumar (CBN’s Executive Director for Charitable Gaming).

Wall expressed his company’s pleasure in the partnership which was formed over 25 years ago. “I would like to urge the players to continue supporting the NLA, since a portion of every play goes back to good causes.”

CBN which operates in over 20 countries, are specialists in the printing of bank notes and passports and also manages many lottery operations and security systems.
Permanent Secretary for Sports, Veda Bruno-Victor expressed her happiness about the joint venture between the NLA and CBN to support causes outside of the usual sports and culture.

“A healthy nation is important to produce excellent sporting personalities”, said Bruno-Victor, a former national netballer.

Bruno-Victor also spoke of her ministry’s plans to embark upon a number of projects which would also require assistance from the NLA.

The major cheque was handed over to former government minister, Ann David-Antoine for distribution by the Ministry of Health while Heather Sylvester and Barbara Brathwaite received on behalf of the Grenada Kidney Patient Foundation.

After the presentation, David-Antoine, Special Advisor to the Minister of Health thanked CBN and the NLA for, what she termed as a “meaningful venture”.

“I am elated about the contribution to the Ministry of Health. It would go a long way in assisting with the maintenance of the hospital premises, the Neo-Natal Unit, and with shipping costs for medical supplies from the Diaspora. I am even more pleased that the NLA is making contributions outside of sports and culture; and I am encouraging players to continue supporting the games of the NLA”, she remarked.

In closing the ceremony, NLA’s Gilbert voiced support for the Good Cause Initiative by saying, “there is no better way to build a nation than by contributing towards the health of its people.”

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