Sir Royston knocks promotion of Spicemas in TNT

Sir Royston – wants to see changes in the marketing done in Trinidad

Sir Royston – wants to see changes in the marketing done in Trinidad

Grenada’s most decorated and successful hotelier, Sir Royston Hopkin has issued a word a caution of local tourism officials on their plans to market the annual Spicemas carnival in the neighbouring market of Trinidad & Tobago.

Sir Royston told local reporters that the island is not getting value for the dollars being spent since it was marketing the product too late.
He said that Spicemas needs more promotion in Trinidad than it is currently getting and that more effort needs to be put into doing it a little bit earlier than it is usually done.

“Every year we’re going down with a “jing bang” to promote Spicemas. I keep telling them for years, you cannot promote Spicemas using that approach – you have to go down in February, promote Grenada as a destination because Trinidad has more bank holidays than any other country in the world, promote Grenada as a destination and then highlight your Spicemas,” he told reporters.

The local entrepreneur and owner of Spice Island Beach Resort was speaking with members of the media during a tour of his hotel which recently underwent a major uplift to most of the facilities including rooms.

Sir Royston charged that too much money is being spent by Grenada to promote carnival in a short space of time between now and the August festival.

“Every year we waiting… Peter David bring down all of us, we had a member from the Police band, Ajamu with 10 men. Why you going and spend all this money to do carnival alone, you need to go strategically and highlight your key areas,” he said.

“Carnival is key, you go to promote it because in the next month you have another bank holiday in Trinidad and they all coming up but we waiting till April and May,” he added.

According to Sir Royston, April and May are too late for this kind of promotional pitch for Grenada and Spicemas.

“We going down with a “jing bang” soon to promote Spicemas so this is the kind of understanding that the lay man needs to have, if you understand how it works we won’t go so late,” he remarked.

“… All the Trinidadians, that came up here for this Soca Baptist Weekend, what happen, who promote them? They find their way to Grenada but we were not down there to start to promote this for the island. Barbados has Cropover but Barbados in Trinidad since February promoting the whole year so that is how we have to approach it, but I ain’t knocking anybody,’ he said.

Sir Royston has been marketing his resort on the Trinidad market and reaping huge rewards with some of the wealthiest persons in the twin island republic coming to the island to spend time at the hotel on a regular basis.

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