Mt Reuil Water Supply to be served as back up in St Patrick

The Mt Reuil water distribution plant will be back in operation to help deal with a water shortage problems  at time by residents of St Patrick.

The National Water and Sewage Authority (NAWASA) took a party of local media workers on a site visit to the distribution plant to get a first hand view of the construction work taking place at the facility which was once abandoned.

The project, which is costing NAWASA $1.2 million, began in December 2013 and is expected to be completed in July.

Currently, NAWASA is using the Peggy’s Whim system to supply water to St Patrick, parts of St Andrew and St Mark but over the years a number of  problems occurred resulting in the utility not being able to meet the demand of the residents.

NAWASA’s Project Manager Dave Marquez said that the Mt Reuil system would serve as a back up to the Peggy’s Whim system in order to address the existing problem.
According to Marquez the Mt. Reuil plant has limited hydraulic capability, which means that it could only serve up to certain elevation.

“… Here (at Mt. Reuil) is only about 500 feet above sea level, Peggy’s Whim system is about 750 feet above sea level (and) that goes all to Chantimelle,” he said.

“The furthest here could reach is Rose Hill, we have storage tanks at Rose Hill which serves a wide area so in the event Peggy’s Whim is down at least you have some customers that will be happy,” he added.

Marquez disclosed that the amount of water that is coming from the river at Mt. Reuil even in the dry season can allow them to get about 1.5 million gallons per day.

“Hence the reason why we see it fit to put back this plant in operation as a back-up to the Peggy’s Whim system and when this plan is in operation, the Peggy’s Whim system will have less work to do because we would just valve off our distribution network,” he said.

Civil Technician at NAWASA, Allen Gilbert is confident that the project “will deliver that which it’s meant to.”

“It would not directly feed or serve people just above the plant because as the project manager said we have some hydrological limitations, so the other system, the Peggy’s Whim system will serve the people just above this plant,” he said.

NAWASA’s District Supervisor for St Patrick, Lennox La Borde indicated that during the dry season and whenever there is heavy rainfall, the residents complain frequently but with this new distribution being put in place, he anticipates that the complaints will lessen.

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