Another board is in place

A Plant Protection Board  has been re-commissioned by government which also appointed a Board of Directors to run its affairs.

The Board, which has not been in existence for years, was reconstituted as the Keith Mitchell-led Government seeks to bring back into effect a Board to discuss issues relating to the importation of plants, soil and animals and to advise the Minister on decisions to be taken

Agriculture Minister Roland Bhola told reporters at a recent post-Cabinet briefing that members of the Board have been appointed including two individuals who are not employed with government as required by law.

According to Minister Bhola, the Cabinet of Ministers accepted the recommendations made by his ministry for the approval of names based on the Plant Protection Act for the establishment of the Plant Protection Board

The Act speaks specifically to persons who should comprise the Board – the Chief Plant Protection Officer should be the Chair of the Board, an Entomologist and a Plant Pathologist, all of whom should be employees of the ministry.

Bhola noted that the Board has not been effective for some years now and unfortunately the Ministry of Agriculture has been operating without the services of an Entomologist and a Plant Pathologist.

He said the ministry has been able to seek the services of two Grenadians with the requisite skills and expertise to serve on the Board.

Minister Bhola also informed the media about a Cabinet decision to award a Consulting Contract to Roberts Caribbean Limited to work alongside his ministry in the upcoming months on its National Action Plan as it relates to forestry, climate change and global warming.

The initiative is in keeping with a 10-year strategic plan and national report of the United Nations’ Council to combat desertification.

The Agriculture Minister noted that there was an action plan in Grenada but in the last year the United Nations put out a 10-year plan on the way forward with the whole issue of forestry, desertification, climate change and other issues.

“So we now have to align our plan to meet the objectives as outlined in the 10 year plan,” Bhola said.

The work, he added is being done in collaboration with the state-owned National Water and Sewage Authority (NAWASA) which is working on a project in collaboration with the Brazilian Government that aims to achieve similar goals to what Roberts Caribbean Limited would be doing for government.

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