Two Die in Balthazar Fire

Police seem certain that one of the persons killed in the Balthazar fire on the weekend was Leah Salfarlie.

According to a police source, the mother of Salfarie has visited the Grenville Police Station to inform the lawmen that she was aware that her daughter was living in the house that was destroyed by fire.

The source told THE NEW TODAY that the mother of a young man, suspected to be the male companion of the young lady has reported her son is missing.

He said that armed with this bit of information the police will be carrying out their investigation along a certain line.

He stated that forensic investigation is to be carried out to make positive identification of the two bodies found in the burnt out house and to determine the cause of death.

He confirmed reports that no one has been detained for questioning in connection with the Balthazar incident.

An official police bulletin said that the lawmen “are investigating the death of two persons whose remains were found, burnt beyond recognition, on Saturday morning (April 5th 2014) in Balthazar, St. Andrew, sometime after 5:00 a.m”.

“The discovery was made following a report of a fire by a neighbour of one of the deceased”, it added.

Meanwhile, Minister for Youth, Sport and Religious Affairs, and Parliamentary Representative for St. Andrew South East, Emmalin Pierre, has empathized with a family of Telescope that is believed to have lost someone in the fire.

Minister Pierre visited the family and informed them that she is willing to offer any possible support that they need to cope with this great loss.

“The loss of a family member is an extremely trying time. That is why I generally try to reach out to all bereaved families in the constituency. Situations, like this particular one, are even more difficult,” she told family members.

“That is why I felt it was necessary to drop everything and be here to personally offer my support and condolences to the family. I am going to be here to offer whatever support they will need as they try to cope in the days and weeks ahead”, she said.

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