Sol stages Public Safety Awareness Week

ShellSafety is no accident and the Grenadian public is now even more aware of this fact following the recent successful staging of a Public Safety Awareness Week by Sol EC LTD.

Commencing with a press briefing held at the National Stadium, the week of awareness was punctuated with telling safety infomercials aired on the major radio and television stations along with TV interviews on GBN’s Good Morning and GIS Spice Morning programs.

According to Country Manager of SOL EC LTD (Grenada), George Bain, the initiative was an effort to sensitise the general public on the pertinent need to take safety seriously both in and out of the island’s service stations.

Bain said that due to the serious nature of the petroleum industry, safety was always of paramount concern for Sol.

“As one of the major contributors to road transport on the island, SOL EC LTD embarked on this programme to sensitise the general public on elements of both service station and road safety”, he remarked.

“We are firm believers in education, and our infomercials were designed to reach the public in a manner that should help to reduce the number of potential accidents or injuries that result from poor safety practice”, he said.

Bain added that education of the general public on matters of safety relating to the use of petroleum products along with other general safety precautions, especially relating to road use was a major requirement for SOL EC LTD as part of the company’s Health, Safety & the Environment (HSE) mandate.

“Remember, Safety is no accident, it’s developed and improved through continuous evaluation, awareness and continuous safe practices.


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