SAMS makes Private Medical Care more affordable

SAMS Nurse taking Blood Pressure Reading of CCCU Member

SAMS Nurse taking Blood Pressure Reading of CCCU Member

A team from St. Augustine Medical Services Inc. (SAMS), held a mini health fair at Communal Cooperative Credit Union (CCCU) Head Office last Thursday and Friday where a registered nurse screened staff and members of the credit union to assess their blood pressure and sugar levels.

A release from SAMS said that this innovative and strategic collaboration between the two entities is designed to provide affordable private health care to all CCCU members!

In addition to health screening, St. Augustine Medical Services also offered discounts to members who signed up for their MEDICARE service offering.

Under this initiative, SAMS offers MEDICARE card holders up to a maximum of $6,000.00 ECD a year, in inpatient/outpatient medical services.

Monthly payments start from as low as $45.00ECD per month.

Additionally, purchases of prescription medication at SAMS’ in-house pharmacy also entitle members to a 20% discount as part of their MEDICARE policy.

In commenting on this initiative, Managing Director and resident physician Dr. Lutz ‘Joe’ Amechi said, “Everyone is entitled to quality health care, and the team at SAMS is determined to play its part in making high-level, private, professional and timely care, available to all individuals living, working or visiting Grenada.”

“It is often said that ‘the health of a nation is the wealth of a nation’, but what does it all mean? Several international medical studies have proven that health improvements provide a significant boost to economic growth. And, like education, it is a fundamental component of investing in the human capital for any country,” he added.

SAMS was founded in 1998 when the need for alternative health care and health care resources were identified not only for citizens, but also for the visitor market.

The medical facility which was designed specifically as an inpatient centre offers comprehensive care in over sixteen areas of combined clinical and surgical services from general consultation and maternity, to neurology.

Taking the next step, SAMS is in the process of acquiring a Hyperbaric Chamber which is critical in treating dive-related injuries and is also used for treating varying levels of burn injuries.

This marks a significant milestone for Grenada’s general health care offering and for the nation as a whole, and for those visiting the country as a dive destination of choice.

The team at St. Augustine remains committed to raising the bar in provision of professional health care services, whilst maintaining their firm belief in affordable health security for all on our island.


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