Prayer Revival for Nation’s Youth

Wendi-Ann Ruffin

Wendi-Ann Ruffin

History will be made in Grenada with the first ever prayer revival to be held for the youth who are heading down the path to destruction.

Head of Josiah Reformation Centre in Marquis, St Andrew, Wendi-Ann Ruffin is spearheading this initiative based on the passion she has towards the development of Grenada’s youth.

The initiative is dubbed “Parents Unite” in an effort to bring all concerned parents together in one place to achieve one common goal.

According to Ruffin, the problems young people find themselves in need the power of sincere prayers, not only from those close to them but the nation on a whole.

“We all say we pray but we don’t want to just say words, we want the prayer to be effective we want to see change,” she said.

Ruffin pointed out that the problem with young people is related to issues with the parenting structures that have had some weak links throughout the years.

“Those of us who call ourselves adults we missed it because the sad thing is young people do not set the rules,” she said.

“The issue is adults because we are the ones to encourage, more so, we are the ones to put forth the pattern and if the pattern is wrong, the whole structure is wrong. If there is a plan that is inaccurate then obviously what we’re going to have is an inaccurately built building”, she added.

Some parents, according to Ruffin have made the mistake of passing the responsibility of raising their children to authoritative figures in society.

“We have been saying that it is the church, it is the government, it is the school; we’ve laid the responsibility of our children on the part of everybody else generally except those that really should take responsibility,” she explained.

“…Unless the church of Jesus Christ does its part, the problem will not be alleviated.”

Ruffin noted that there are people who pray about one thing but at the end of the prayer they complain about it but that kind of approach would not work.

“We will continue to not get results because we are not doing what we should do in order to attract the law that gives us results and so we must stress that because we want people who would choose to come to the event to understand that if you are not going to believe that a change can be made, don’t come,” she said.

Ruffin stressed that strategies would have to be put in place to help people who come with real problems coupled with a collaborative effort to see results.

“If we want to see the kind of difference that has to be made with our youth we will have to understand that it will take the collaborative efforts of everyone involved to cause this thing to happen.

“It will be foolish of me to believe that anyone will be able to do this thing all by himself. The truth is that it will take the collaborative efforts, it is unity that the blessing is commanding and we want the nation’s youth to be blessed.

“We all talk about how the devil has the young people. Yes, the devil could do what he wants to do but we allow him to do the things that he is doing. We will have to ensure that we declare enough is enough, we want our young people back and the devil cannot take that which does not belong to him, providing that we who say we love these young people do what needs to be done”.

Ruffin laid out a case for people to stop going about not believing that young people cannot change, as they will be the leaders of tomorrow.

“If we are going to have a move of change, if we are going to make a change in Grenada we will have to have one prayer and that one prayer”, she said.

The event, which will be held on April 17 at Josiah Reformation Centre in Marquis, St. Andrew at 6. 00 p.m. will provide the opportunity for people to call in and make their requests.

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