Men on Counterfeit Money Charges

Floyd OliveTwo St George’s men have been granted bail after being arrested and charged in connection with the recent circulation of counterfeit monies on the island.

The suspects, Floyd Olive, a 30 year old Construction Worker of La Mode, St. George and Osborne Liverpool, 34 years old and described as a Radio Announcer of Belmont, St. George’s.

Checks made by THE NEW TODAY with several media houses on the island resulted in no one knowing anything about the so-called radio personality.

The two accused were charged by police with uttering a counterfeit coin, claiming upon a counterfeit coin and possession of a counterfeit coin.

Olive faces one count each while Liverpool faces two counts on each of the offenses.

Both suspects were placed on $8,000.00 bail on each count.

Osborne liverpoolThe two men made their first Court appearance before the St George’s Magistrate Court last week Friday and were granted bail.

Olive and Liverpool are due to make their next court appearance on July 3.

The charges against the two men came days after the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) issued a statement warning the public about the circulation of counterfeit $100 notes.

The illegal notes bear the serial number VM189988.

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