The Ashley Line comes to Grenada

The official opening of "The Ashley Gallery"

The official opening of “The Ashley Gallery”

Grenadians looking for a luxury upgrade of their home furnishings now have a one-stop shopping Centre at Courts Grenada Limited (Unicomer) with its world class product line, Ashley.

The company launched its new product line, “The Ashley Gallery” last week Friday evening at its flagship store on Young Street, St George’s.

Unicomer Caribbean recently entered a partnership with one of America’s No.1 Furniture Manufactures, “Ashley Furniture” to create exclusive galleries across selected Court stores in the region.

The new partnership creates a unique furniture gallery within Court’s Grenada Limited store and other selected stores across the Caribbean.

Ashley creates a wide range of furniture and accessories as the company brings top quality, style and class to Grenadian shoppers.

The brand is considered to be the number one retailer of home furnishings and accessories in the United States.

The Ashley Furniture line of products remains one of the best selling furniture and appliances brand in the world with 123 outlets worldwide.

Courts Senior Manager, Ann Marie DeGale is proud of the new brand labeling it as “affordable and stylish” while OECS Managing Director, Derek Luk Pat said he was looking forward to the continued use of the Ashley product for many years to come.

One of the first purchasers of the Ashley brand of products was Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports, Veda Bruno-Victor who was present to represent the Parliamentary Representative for the Town of St George, Foreign Affairs Minister Nikolas Steele who was absent.

Bruno-Victor spoke of her experience with the luxury styled home set in her possession.

She told the gathering that many times she would affectionately tell her husband to relocate to the kitchen as the use of her new set is often found in different positions.

She is pleased that the Ashley furniture line has finally come to Grenada through Court’s.

According to Bruno-Victor, she is not so sure the product is as low cost as the company is advocating but is committed to trying to get Court’s to adjust its prices to make the brand even more easily available to all Grenadians.

“Grenadians deserve to have nice things despite the financial challenges,” she said.

International Marketing Specialist, Ashley Furniture Industries Inc, Jesus DeCaul took invited guests on a tour of the new gallery and explained the new brand of products and superior quality of the material used in their products.

The new brand of items includes lounge, dining and bedroom pieces, carpets, vases, lamps and pillows.

The invited guests were offered a 10% purchase voucher from Court’s.

It was double surprise for some as they were asked to check the contents of their envelope to disclose another envelope, which gifted them with instant Ashley accessories.

At the end of the event it was Marcelle Lewis of Springs, St George, who walked away with the big gift of an Ashley Sofa Bed for having in her possession a third envelope.


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