NAWASA bombarded by calls

NAWASA boss Christopher Husbands not happy with the calls

NAWASA boss Christopher Husbands not happy with the calls

NAWASA’s boss Christopher Husbands is calling on customers to make use of the bill information sent to them to minimise on the number of calls coming through the company on a daily basis.

Addressing members of the media at the launch of the company’s new website recently, Husbands said the company receives approximately 200 calls a month from its customers seeking bill information despite the bills being sent to them monthly.

“We are sending out about 35,000 bills a month and we’re getting maybe about 150 returns which means that the others are reaching their destinations whether it be through a post box, whether it be through home delivery or through a community post box, they’re reaching a destination because they are not coming back,” he told reporters.

According to Husbands, customers give all sorts of reasons why they do not have their bills.

“As we relate with some of the customers, we’re finding reasons such as: I got it but I don’t know where I put it, or I got it and I left it home”.

He went on: “One of my staff told me of a situation recently where the person called in for the bill balance, when they were asked, well did you get the bill, they said, yes, I got my bill but it’s on the table over there and I’m sitting down on the couch.

“Sometimes you hear persons saying I’m trying to get NAWASA and I can’t get through to NAWASA. And when I asked them what information they wanted it was this same bill information and I pointed out to them, part of the reason you’re not getting through is because there are a number of persons who are doing the same thing that you are doing ahead of you”, he said.

Husbands stressed that it would be more productive for the company if customers use the information on their bills to make payments rather than call in to find out their bill balance.

“Use the bill, the information is there, we’re paying to send it out. It’s difficult for us to manage the quantity of calls we get daily,” he said.

“We recognise still that there are some issues with persons getting bills. We (are) working together with the Post Office to try to resolve those problems but persons that do get the bill we appeal to you, please, you get the bill, the information is there, try and minimise the additional calls asking for the same information that is sent to you”, he added.

Husband pointed out that in an effort to reduce the problems currently being faced by the water utility with the Billing information, the company will move towards sending out bills electronically via email.


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