Grenadian Educator to make donation of books to schools in Grenada

Dr. Anthony D. Bridgeman

Dr. Anthony D. Bridgeman

Grenadian born and New York High School Principal, Dr. Anthony D. Bridgeman is giving back to his country in a “Big Way.”

For the past two months, Dr. Bridgeman has been collecting books from West Islip High School, where he works, and Belmont Elementary School in North Babylon School District on Long Island to send to schools in Grenada.

These books have been packed into huge cargo boxes and awaiting shipment to schools in Grenada.

More than 95 per cent of these books are new and because there is a new shift in the curriculum in New York State, to place more emphasis on the Common CORE, a number of schools have changed their Math, Reading, and ELA textbooks; therefore there is a surplus of books.

Dr. Bridgeman has been in constant contact with schools in Grenada and the Ministry of Education (MOE).

The Ministry has agreed to give Customs clearance when the books arrive in Grenada. A special thanks to the Permanent Secretary in the MOE, Ruth Rouse for her help and guidance.

Dr. Bridgeman, a former student of the Grenada Boys’ Secondary School (GBSS) and a school teacher in Grenada, has provided his expertise to the teachers, principals, counsellors, and MOE personnel over the past two years.

The Grenadian educator will be the honouree at the GBSS Toronto Association Brunch in April.

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