Golden Opportunity for Budding Grenadian Writers

Given the opportunity to develop her own material while at St. George’s University, Writer-in-Residence Lisa Allen-Agostini hopes to do the same for local writers by hosting a series of workshops throughout March and April on the St. George’s University True Blue Campus and other locations throughout Grenada.

Additionally, Ms. Allen-Agostini will be conducting a Creative Writing Intensive four-week-long workshop for adult writers that will run every Thursday in March from 5:30-7:30 pm for intermediate to advanced writers of prose fiction.

“I hope the workshops will stimulate more and even better writing in Grenada,” said Ms. Allen Agostini. “The Writer-in-Residence program on the whole is designed to increase the output of writing and the quality of writing being produced by Caribbean writers. Everyone who attends a writing workshop takes something different from it. Some people benefit from learning new ideas, while others benefit from just being in a room full of people talking about writing and actually writing – there’s an electric charge in the air at a workshop and writers feel it. Some people will also benefit from the networking and community-building opportunities workshops afford.”

The Dame Hilda Bynoe Writer-in-Residence program, which is running for the first time from January to May 2014, offers a Caribbean writer the opportunity to complete a work in progress, while enriching the local arts scene and benefiting promising local writers through mentorship.

Allen-Agostini, originally from Trinidad, captured this coveted position when her application was selected by a regional panel of scholars, writers, and editors. Her works include: The Chalice Project, a novel written for young adults, published in 2009; a weekly column for the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian and the Trinidad Noir fiction anthology, of which she is co-editor.

Also, she had the distinguished honour of being shortlisted for the 2013 Hollick Arvon Caribbean Writers Prize.

During her semester at SGU, Allen-Agostini hopes to complete both a novel and a collection of poems.



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