Two Accused Male Molesters

Accused Joseph “Gismo” Wilson is now in prison

Accused Joseph “Gismo” Wilson is now in prison

Police have hauled two senior male adults before the law court on charges of having sexual intercourse with minors of the same sex.

The two are well known model enthusiast, Devon Francique, and Joseph “Gismo” Wilson who has been identified as a mechanic of La Borie, St. George’s.

Francique, a 39-year old Vice-Principal of a primary school in the south of the island appeared before Chief Magistrate, Tamara Gill on Tuesday on a charge of rape of a seven year old male student of his own school last week Wednesday.

The accused was placed on $25,000.00 bail with two sureties as Police Prosecutors did not object to the bail request made by his attorney, Anselm Clouden.

However, Police Prosecutor, Inspector Godfrey Victor asked the Chief Magistrate to enforce special bail conditions in order to ensure that Francique did not flee the jurisdiction.

Francique was picked up on the weekend by police and questioned and then released in connection with a report made against him with regards to the sexual molestation of the 7-year old student.

The Chief Magistrate ordered the suspect to surrender all travel documents, as well as to report to Central Police Station on the Carenage twice a week on Monday and Friday between the hours of 6.0 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. until the matter is determined by the court.

In addition Francique was told to stay 100 yards away from the school and have no contact with the alleged victim.

Speaking to reporters after the court hearing, Attorney at Law Clouden, said that his client is innocent and was confident that he will be vindicated.

He pointed out that at this stage the case is nothing but allegations and the onus is now on the Prosecution to prove its case against his client.

Francique is well known for his involvement in modeling with Las Espacias Modeling Agency as well as a judge in several cultural events including the annual Carnival celebrations especially with the mas bands.

A well-placed source told this newspaper that the School Vice-Principal was under the police radar for sometime now especially after an incident at the school last year in which a male student was accused of holding down another male student and having illegal sexual intercourse with him.

Francique allegedly stood bail for the accused student who was arrested and charged by the police.

According to the source, an official from the Ministry of Education conducted a search of a computer at the primary school in the south and discovered a number of pornography material and submitted a report to his superiors in which he allegedly pointed fingers at Francique who is to make his next court appearance on May 29.

Two weeks earlier, police picked up Wilson and charged him with the Rape of a seven-year-old boy from the same village of La Borie.

The 60 year old man was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) at Richmond Hill until his next court appearance on May 27.

Wilson is facing two counts of rape of a 7-year old boy. The police alleges that on March 4, the suspect did have sexual intercourse with the youngster at his home.

The other charge is that sometime between November 1 and 31, the accused also had sex with the same boy at his home.

Police were led to Wilson after the mother of the child visited the St. Paul’s Police Station and filed a report that she entered his home and caught him in the act of sexual molestation of her son.

She told the police that on the day in question, she asked the suspect who was her neighbour for EC$3. 00 to buy a little bottle of ketchup and he informed her that he did not have any money with him and that she should send her son with him for the money.

Devon Francique – charged with rape of a schoolboy

Devon Francique – charged with rape of a schoolboy

The mother reported that when she did not see the youngster return home after about half an hour she called out his name and got no answer.

She then decided to make an enquiry at Wilson’s home and after using a knife to force herself into the locked house, she was able to see the accused in action with her son who was grimacing in pain.

The police questioned the child and he informed that the first time Wilson had interfered with him was sometime back in November.

He alleged that the suspect asked him to bring some vine for him to feed a rabbit and then he took him into the house and had sexual intercourse with him.

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