Nimrod: Tyrell Bay Marina is to provide jobs

Residents of areas surrounding the Carriacou Tyrell Bay Marina project on the sister isle are concerned that construction of a marina in the area will pose threats to the Marine Protected Area (MPA).

The residents staged a protest action recently to express their feelings

that the livelihood of many fishermen will be disadvantaged and Oyster beds and other natural habitats in that area will be affected.

The marina project, which was launched in June 2013, is expected to create over 125 direct jobs.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs, Elvin Nimrod addressed the marina issue, which has become an area of concern in some local quarters,

Nimrod said that fist and foremost, he wanted people to understand that the one-year old ruling New National Party (NNP) administration is a friend of the environment.

“We will always be concerned but we are also concerned about employment for the citizens of our country,” the MP said.

According to Minister Nimrod, he would make every effort to give a listening ear to the plights of the residents but the fact remains that a balance needs to be struck.

“There’s a balance between the need to preserve the environment, we know that and also the need to develop the country and also provide employment,” he said.

“With these two interests, there’s a conflict of character and we would have to find a good balance and compare the concerns of everyone including the proprietor who is doing the investment”, he added.

The Number Two Man in the NNP administration pointed out that in order for him to strike a balance he must also meet with the protesters to hear their concerns.

The New Today sought a comment from Chairman of the Carriacou Marine Protected Area, Davon Baker but he declined, saying that he would rather not do so for professional reasons.

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