Chocolate Company still afloat

The late Mott Green who came and added value to the local cocoa industry

The late Mott Green who came and added value to the local cocoa industry

The Grenada Chocolate Company continues to produce its world-renowned chocolate despite the passing of its founder Mott Green last year.

Green died in May 2013 after being electrocuted while working on a solar powered machinery for cooling chocolate.

However, staff members who are keeping the business afloat and flourishing have reported an increase in production.

Production Manager of the company, Edmond Brown said that Green’s death has not slowed down the process of creating the chocolate.

“Things have been going good since the passing of Mott because we keep making chocolate all the time, the process never stop and we keep working hard,” he said.

“Even though we have little problems here and there we never let it stop us”, he added.

According to Brown, the demand for the Grenada chocolate product has grown so much that they have to put in extra time to meet production levels.

“We got more business for the chocolate and we have to do more work night and day to get the production going,” he remarked.

The chocolate factory recently had a visit from award winning pastry chef, Larry Johnson as it sought ways to enhance the quality and production of the chocolate.

Brown said the visit was a timely one for the local factory.

“He (Johnson) is a guy who works with one of the companies in the UK and he came over to help us in the confectionary process and make sure everything is running smoothly at the factory,” he added.

Brown pointed out that the one-week visit of Chef Johnson has already resulted in some changes being made in production.

In an attempt to further promote the company, the operators have announced plans to hold the first ever chocolate festival in August and Brown said it is their hope that it will attract a plethora of chocolate enthusiasts to Grenada.

He stated that plans are also in the making to expand the operations by August and to hire more workers.

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