Police officers pursuing degrees in police education

The group of police officers who are trying to improve on their  educational qualifications

The group of police officers who are trying to improve on their
educational qualifications

Fifteen police officers are now part of the inaugural Associates degree in Education training.

During a ceremony held on Monday at the Special Services Unit (SSU) camp at Point Salines, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Franklyn Redhead described the occasion as the culmination of several years work, in terms of improving the standard of delivery of the training college.

Redhead said that the first batch of officers selected to attempt the programme were principle instructors.

“They would form the core of our training environment and (are) expected to deliver training programmes to new recruits and also to do in-house training within the RGPF,” Redhead said.

According to Redhead, it is critically important that those persons who will deliver the training do it at a certain standard in terms of certification to ensure quality is maintained.

The training will be conducted at the T.A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) at Tanteen, St. George’s.

Redhead said that police officers have been known to do other training at TAMCC but this is the first ever training of this kind in terms of education.

“We have education in terms of delivery because we see collaboration in terms of education is critically important in terms of advancing the RGPF and its ideals,” he added.

An Associate’s degree at TAMCC is normally for two years but Redhead said the force is trying to run the course for one and half years.

He said this is “to ensure that we maximise the time that instructors will be there because we also have a mandate to ensure that the programme runs efficiently and that persons do not spend too much time away from the RGPF and come back to deliver training at the training institution.”

TAMCC instructors will deliver the course but subject matter experts will be brought in to deal with the particular issues that go towards the police side of the programme.

Redhead said that already some very positive feedback has come from officers in terms of the value of this particular programme.

“I think most officers are quite keen and not only for this particular programme but also in advancing themselves generally in terms of the wider context of education,” he remarked.

He is confident that because of this that more officers will be inclined to get involved in the course in years to come.

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