Another Civil Servant booted out of FIU

A charge of breach of national security has been levied against a female civil servant.

THE NEW TODAY understand that the public officer who was attached to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) was brought before the Public Service Commission (PSC) where the allegation was put to her.

According to a well-placed source, it is believed that the removal of the officer from FIU could be politically motivated as she is known to be living close in proximity to former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He said that the officer was originally attached to the Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance and was sent on special assignment to FIU along with several other Custom Officers during the 2008-2013 rule of the Congress government.

He told this newspaper that the first signs that something was amiss was when the female employee was asked to take immediate departmental leave from the unit.

She was eventually summoned to appear before the PSC, headed by attorney-at-law, Derrick Sylvester where allegations of breach of national security were put to her.

“ I understand that she asked what was the breach but no specific reasons were given to her by the PSC. I understand that they referred to letters that were sent to the PSC by the Attorney-General, the Commissioner of Police and the FIU itself”, said the source.

“This is a very serious matter when you can accuse somebody of breach of national security. This is like accusing somebody of committing treason against the State. I don’t think that she should take this lightly”, he added.

The PSC reportedly informed the female public worker that a decision had been taken to transfer her from FIU to a new posting in the Ministry of Agriculture.

The source said that the promised letter did not reach the affected worker immediately and she reported to Customs for duties on Monday morning.

However, the letter was eventually sent and the worker is now sitting at a desk in the Ministry of Agriculture.

When he was re-elected into office one year ago, Prime Minister Mitchell told civil servants that they had nothing to fear from him once they did their work.

The Mitchell government has been accused of “political ethnic cleansing” of the FIU since its massive 15-0 win at the polls on February 19, 2013.

The first to be removed was the Head of the Unit, Inspector Senneth Joseph who was playing a lead role into investigations of alleged wrong-doing by a current senior minister of government in the multi-million dollar oil agreement signed with a group of Russian investors.

The unit is now under the control of Superintendent Tafawa Pierre, the husband of Minister of Youth & Sports, Emmalin Pierre.

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