Gov’t intends to lift the scholarship bar higher

Scholarship recipients with government officials and SGU assistant dean

Scholarship recipients with government officials and SGU assistant dean

Students applying for scholarship from next year will have to ensure they have attained a Grade Point Average (GPA) of no less than 3.0, according to Education Minister Anthony Boatswain.

He made the disclosure on Tuesday at the Public Workers Union building at Tanteen as he addressed a presentation ceremony for 32 scholarship awardees in the School of Arts and Science and School of Medicine Departments at the St George’s University (SGU).

Boatswain, a former scholarship recipient himself, shared his experience as a student faced with financial challenges and who managed to succeed through hard work and determination.

He informed the students that the wealth of a nation lies in its human resource hence despite the country’s economic challenges and in the midst of preparation to implement a homegrown Structural Adjustment Programme with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), government still saw the importance in investing in their education.

The cost of the scholarships awarded is $6.4 million based on a framework agreement signed with SGU in return for various concessions granted to the university.

He explained that it is with this investment in mind that government has set a new benchmark for next year to no less that a GPA of 3.0 to maintain a certain standard.

Minister Boatswain encouraged the students to take the scholarships afforded them seriously as government expects return on its investment.

“Do not be a slacker, take your work seriously,” he told the successful students.

The recipients will engage in studies in areas such as Biology (7), Information Technology (4), Accounting (4), Psychology (3), Business Management (1), Medicine (7), Pre-Medicine (4) and Masters in Public Health (2).

Assistant Dean, Faculty of Arts & Sciences at SGU, Colin Dowe told recipients that they have done themselves, their families and communities proud and deserve to feel a great sense of accomplishment and should now recharge, regroup and be prepared to excel.

He reminded them that they are now joining a very rich legacy and expects them to add to that further thus strengthening the 37-year partnership between the University and the Government of Grenada.

Dowe encouraged the awardees to take advantage of the opportunity of receiving a well-rounded education, and to join the various student groups, as well as learn about the different cultures present on campus, as these are invaluable lessons outside the classroom that would add significant value to their education.

He informed them that SGU expects and demands of them to work towards excellence in all their pursuits as Grenada is making a huge investment in their future and to be always conscious that they are ambassadors for Grenada.

Health Minister and Chairperson for the SGU Monitoring Committee for the Government of Grenada, Dr Clarice Curwen-Modeste also addressed the students and encouraged them to walk a path that takes them to achievement and warned them against mistakes frequently made by young people who engage in alcohol consumption and reckless sexual activities.

She reminded them that to whom much is given much are expected.

Dr. Modeste counseled the recipients to understand that the country is counting on them to take advantage of the opportunities given to them and at the end of their studies they would return to serve their country.

“The best result you can give is giving back”, said Dr Modeste who added that the country needs each one of them to come back and service.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Ruth Elizabeth Rouse disclosed that 158 scholarships were awarded in 2013 by government at a cost of approximately $25, 948,788.00.

Rouse, the island’s former High Commissioner to London, congratulated the awardees while saying that Grenada will benefit economically, socially and otherwise upon completion of their studies.

She said government’s hope is to continue providing much needed scholarships and training opportunities to all eligible citizens and other students should look forward to new opportunities in 2014.


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