Tribute to Karl Hudson-Phillip

by Dr Francis Alexis QC


The passing of Karl Hudson-Phillips QC of Trinidad and Tobago is a matter of deep shock and profound regret, not least because it was so sudden.

Karl Hudson-Phillips QC rendered yeoman service to Grenada in enabling Grenada to meet the requirements for Grenada to re-enter the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in 1991. His exceptional brilliance as an eminent legal luminary, his considerable experience in governance, and his notable skills in international relations made him most apt to afford Grenada the invaluable assistance he gave Grenada

Karl Hudson-Phillips QC made a monumental contribution to Grenada overcoming the challenges it faced in re-entering the Court.

I, as Attorney-General at the time, leaned heavily on the uniquely expert help of Karl Hudson-Phillips QC in advising the Government of then Prime Minister Sir Nicholas Brathwiate on seeing to it that Grenada rose to the occasion successfully.

Karl Hudson-Phillips QC was, therefore, a great friend of Grenada in ensuring that Grenada re-enter the Court in 1991.

On 10 December 2013, with Karl Hudson-Phillips QC and I leading opposing parties, I took the opportunity in court to pay the above tribute to whom, I told Madam Justice Margaret Mohammed was, “the legendary Karl Hudson-Phillips QC”.

I extend deep condolences to the family of Karl Hudson-Phillips QC, especially his dear wife Mrs. Hudson-Phillips and his daughter my law colleague Jennifer Hudson-Phillips. I very much sympathise with the law firm in Grenada of which Karl Hudson-Phillips QC was a partner, Henry Hudson-Phillips & Co.

I pray that God grant rest in peace eternal life to Karl Hudson-Phillips QC

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