A new initiative from Foodland

Director and Executive Assistant to the CEO, Geo F. Huggins & Co., (G’da) Ltd, Mrs Anya Chow Chung

Director and Executive Assistant to the CEO, Geo F. Huggins & Co., (G’da) Ltd, Mrs Anya Chow Chung

Foodland Supermarket has introduced a new brand of products to the local market ahead of Grenada’s 40th Anniversary of Independence.

Known as “Food Club”, it was officially introduced to the Grenadian public last week Thursday during a ceremony at Foodland along the Kirani James Boulevard (formerly Lagoon Road) outlet.

Director and Executive Assistant to the CEO of Geo F. Huggins & Co., (G’da) Ltd, Anya Menezes-Chow Chung said that the Food Club line of products brings to the local market a fantastic line of grocery products under the Food Club Brand.

She referred to the products that came about due to the company’s

partnership with the Associated Grocers of Florida, Inc as products of excellent quality, attractive presentation and budget friendly.

According to Chow Chung, Foodland is extremely happy to offer a wide variety of items at the supermarket to customers and advised shoppers that the shelves have been re-arranged to accommodate the products with their guidance and input of Kirk George, who is attached to Distribution & Business Development of the Associated Grocers of Florida, Inc (AG).

She assured customer that the new layout of the supermarkets was done for their benefit and ease of shopping with more variety and offerings.

“All you have to do is join the club,” she encouraged patrons.

Recalling the start of the company decades ago, Chow Chung said that the establishment of Buy Rite Supermarket almost 40 years ago was a “watershed” moment in Grenada’s history, months after the country gained independence.

“A defining moment for our company, a history of country and company,”

Chow Chung stated that Buy Rite represented a new concept in retail shopping and Grenadians fell in love with its comfort and ease of shopping

She said the operators of the two supermarkets take great pride and joy in the fact that their customers view the supermarkets with a sense of ownership, which has been integral in the success of the company.

Foodland on the Kirani James Boulevard celebrates its 25 Anniversary on September 22.

Huggins, now in operation for 94 years, has a reputation for being a good cooperate citizen, market leader and innovative company.

Chow Chung stressed that Huggins is almost always the first to try new things and embrace change but acknowledged that its position was built on the people who breathe life and direction into the company

She said that Huggins is blessed with strong leadership, good and talented management, the hardest working and gifted staff in the country while blessed with the most loyal customer base.

Kirk George, Distribution & Business Development, Associated Grocers of Florida, Inc (AG) who attended the event, expressed his surprise at the loyalty demonstrated by Foodland customers while on visit to the store a few days ago when there was an electricity failure.

He was taken aback by the number of customers in the supermarket who waited for the electricity to come back rather than leave the place.

Three lucky farmers who supply the supermarket with fresh produce were presented with thank you prizes for allowing the company to display their photographs.

Foodland Supermarkets Marketing Officer, Mahera Strachan termed the new partnership with the Florida outfit as another milestone in Foodland’s history.


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