GRENLEC using new technology to improve service to Customers

The ongoing implementation of technology by the Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. (GRENLEC) is allowing customers to benefit from faster response times to problems affecting service in any area of the country.

This has been revealed by Interim Chief Executive Officer, Clive Hosten, who said that GRENLEC had deployed a Geographic Information System (GIS) and Automatic Vehicle Locators (AVL) to help enhance its ability to serve customers more effectively.

“The network that generates and distributes the electricity that powers homes and businesses is a complex grid of interconnected devices and lines. The GIS System maps these devices, lines and customer locations and allows information to be quickly accessed, resulting in improved response times to requests for assistance. The integration of information on the GIS system also plays a central role in planning by allowing a global view of GRENLEC’s distribution infrastructure”, he said.

GRENLEC has also integrated the AVL function, which is widely used for security and service applications, into the system.

According to Hosten, this computer technology allows tracking devices attached to company vehicles to relay information about their real-time position to a control system.

“This is used to dispatch crews responding to service requests and complaints, speeding up response times”, he added.

Hosten noted that the AVL system also improves security for drivers and crews with its ability to locate vehicles and respond in the event of accidents and other emergencies.

In addition it provides better information for scheduling and planning, and greater accuracy in monitoring and coordinating jobs.

THE local GRENLEC chief stressed that these developments were among benefits being derived from the utility company moving closer to launching its customer service charter and company officials were excited about the benefits to customers.

He underscored the significant role his team was playing in developing and training colleagues, utilising the technology to support the core functions of team members and allow the company to significantly improve efficiency and contain costs.

Hosten added that GRENLEC was already seeing the benefits of the GIS and AVL technology and both management and staff were confident about their ability to continue playing a pivotal role in improving the quality of service to all customers.

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