Shift in scholarship emphasis

The Keith Mitchell-led government in St. George’s has announced a shift in the type of scholarships being accepted from the Kingdom of Morocco.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Business, Nicholas Steele, disclosed during a recent post-Cabinet press briefing that Cabinet agreed to decrease the quantity of scholarships to public universities to accept an increase in scholarships offered to vocational institutions.

The senior government minister said that the Ministry of Education received approval from Cabinet to proceed with discussions with the Moroccan government to implement a road map for implementation for the 2013-16 period to developmental support for projects in Grenada.

Steele said that arising out of these discussions, Cabinet agreed to decrease the number of scholarships offered at public universities from 20 to 10 but to increase those awarded in vocational institutions from 10 to 20.

“(The) same number of Grenadians would receive scholarships but we’re shifting it to vocational institutions,” he added.

In February 2012, the Kingdom of Morocco agreed to the granting of scholarships during a visit to Grenada by a delegation led by Nasser Bourita, Ambassador, and Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

The visiting delegation pledged its assistance to Grenada in the area of higher education with the provision of up to twenty (20) scholarships in public schools and universities annually based on needs as expressed by the Government of Grenada.

During the meeting with then Grenada Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Tillman Thomas, the delegation promised to invite high-level officials and executives of higher education institutions from Grenada for working visits and workshops.

In the area of Agriculture, the Kingdom of Morocco also agreed to provide Grenada with expertise in crop production, livestock, animal health and veterinary, agricultural valorisation and marketing, mechanisation, irrigation and water management.

The delegation further committed to providing Grenada with180 tons of fertilisers annually

Additionally, the Moroccan delegation agreed to provide two to three (2-3) scholarships annually at training institutions in the hospitality and tourism sectors, while sending Moroccan experts to assist tourism officials in Grenada in the area of product development.

The Moroccan delegation also promised to provide Grenada with Health related scholarships in Radiology, Public health nursing and nursing management, Pharmacology-pharmacy inspectors and Laboratory technicians, among others.

The first of these visits to the Kingdom of Morocco promised under the Congress-led administration, sponsored by the Moroccan government, took place earlier this year (June) to discuss cooperation on education between the two countries.

The Grenada delegation was led by Education Minister, Anthony Boatswain and included Senior Human Resource Development Officer, Andrew Augustine and Lincoln Morgan, CEO of the National Training Agency.

During the visit to Morocco, Minister Boatswain met with a group of Grenadian students who are currently studying in Morocco.

There are now 38 Grenadians engaged in undergraduate programmes in Morocco.


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