Clouden brings Christmas Cheer

Attorney and farmer Anselm Clouden did sell beef once more at reduced prices

Attorney and farmer Anselm Clouden did sell beef once more at reduced prices

Local attorney Anselm Clouden’s commitment to be of service to the people of Grenada was manifested in a different form over the Christmas Season.

The tradition of the St. George’s based lawyer who finds time to engage in animal farming continued again in 2013 as he provided beef at a reduced price to the people of Dudmar, St. David’s and surrounding areas for their Christmas enjoyment.

The kind gesture of Clouden who is a seasoned attorney in Grenada was once again timely as with the little financial resources around, many people often seize the opportunity to purchase beef to be used over the Christmas holiday period as one of their delicacies for Dinner.

Clouden who has been doing this for the past 15 years views his action as a charity of love.

He told reporters he is once again thankful to Almighty God for His loving kindness and tender mercy that allow him to give back to the villagers.

He said that as a farmer he tries to ensure that whenever possible, there is a bull on hand on his small farm to butcher for the Christmas.

“This is in keeping with the custom and tradition that I have established as a farmer in this area of the country to provide the villagers at Christmas time with beef at a significant reduced price,” he remarked.

If there is meat remaining, Clouden said it is donated to a charitable Home so that others too can enjoy the holiday season.

The slaughtered bull was valued at about $2,500.00, but with the reduced price of the meat, sales were likely to reach only $1,500.00.

However, Clouden said he is not overly concerned about the net return to him on the sale of the meat to the villagers since it was not designed to cash in on big sales.

“Whatever we make is to enjoy for Christmas and to ensure that people get some meat at a reduced price. So it’s not necessarily a profitable undertaking. This was not the intention initially,” he added.

The Lawyer/Farmer gave a commitment to continue with the tradition of being a resource person to the people of St. David’s for their beef at reduced price on an annual basis.

Clouden has about 15 heads of cattle on the farm, five of which are young bulls.


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