Bishop Darius: “We are in darkness”

Bishop Vincent Darius

Bishop Vincent Darius

Head of the Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of St. George’s-in-Grenada, Bishop Vincent Darius has challenged his congregation to be aware that they are being held hostage in bondage by evil.

In his homily at the Christmas Eve Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Bishop Darius stated that increasingly the nation is being held in bondage and that people’s freedom are being curtailed by all forms of evil.

He felt that there is darkness in the land and that the people must learn how to recognise it

The Roman Catholic Bishop said over the centuries, from Biblical days, Empires have been created as a means of having control over the people.

“Political Kingdoms came and they went, personal empires came and they went. God’s Kingdom will reign for ever,” he told the Congregation.

The Roman Catholic clergyman implored his followers to identify the various forms of darkness that envelope them and move towards the light.

He said he believes that all the social, moral, political, and financial ills in society are symptoms of a spiritual problem that men and women are reluctant to subject themselves to the will of God.

“We are in darkness. We will keep bouncing our heads, and trip over,” he added.

Bishop Darius told the congregation that in a recent conversation he had with someone that person was depressed over the lack of finances for Christmas.

He said while he is not condemning money, it should be noted that when people are obsessed with money they lose their way.

The Bishop said good relationship with one another is paramount than just material resources.

“Nothing is wrong with having money, but it must not take priority over good relationship,” he remarked.


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