Washington gives support for Youth and Agro-Processing

US EmbassyU.S. Chargé d’Affaires Louis Crishock on December 12 presented a cheque for EC$51,200 to Samuel Brathwaite, Accountant of the Grenada Cocoa Association,e from the local U.S Embassy on the island, the cheque represents the fifth and final installment of an investment of over US $173,000 from the people of the United States through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to equip the Diamond Estate Cocoa Processing Plant in St. Mark.

The project is conducted as part of a Public/Private Partnership between USAID, L.A. Burdick Grenada, the Grenada Cocoa Association and the International Youth Foundation’s Caribbean Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP).

The project aims to stimulate the economy through support to the agro-processing sector while providing jobs for youth who have completed skills training.

Following the presentation, the Chargé said that the U.S. Government is proud of its investment in this project, adding, “Helping to create jobs for Grenadian young people and at the same time adding value to this nation’s renowned agricultural produce is a win-win proposition and the U.S. Government is thrilled to be able to play a role in it.“

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