Steve Gurrie to Appeal Sentence

Attorney-at-law, Ruggles Ferguson is considering the possibility of appealing the 35-years prison sentence that was imposed by a high court judge on his client, murder convict, Steve Gurrie.

The Birch Grove resident received the sentence last week Friday in connection with the gruesome murder of Clyde Greenidge, a Farmer/Proprietor of Birchgrove, St. Andrew’s, and Christopher Stafford on May 3, 2010.

Gurrie beheaded the two men at Balthazar, St. Andrew’s after claiming that he did so after hearing a voice telling him to kill the men.

After pleading guilty to the murder charges in October, the accused was brought back to court last week and was sentenced to 35 years on each count by Madam Justice Margaret Price-Findlay who ordered that the two sentences should run concurrently.

Justice Price-Findlay recommended that there should be no review of the sentence before 25 years, and for a psychiatrist evaluation to be conducted on the convicted man every six months.

Ferguson told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that based on all the very peculiar issues coming out of the case, his law firm, Ciboney Chambers is considering a possible appeal to the stiff sentence.

Gurrie was reportedly examined by three doctors who concluded that he was mentally abnormal when he committed the murder.

There are reports that on the morning of that fateful day, Gurrie came from hunting and was seen socializing with Greenidge.

Later that afternoon Gurrie assisted Stafford in carrying grass on Greenidge’s farm.

It was at that time Gurrie claimed to have heard a voice telling him to cut off Stafford’s head.

After killing Stafford, Gurrie remained on the farm and was later joined by Greenidge who brought up three beers for them to drink.

Greenidge was apparently not aware that Stafford had already been killed.

The convicted man said he heard the same voice telling him to cut off Greenidge’s head, which he did.

Gurrie carried both heads in a bucket to the Grenville Police Station and informed the Police Officers there that he had just cut off the heads of two men.

A female police officer who was on duty reportedly fainted while a senior officer ran out of the station on seeing the heads placed on the desk.


Steve Gurrie – disappointed with the sentence

Steve Gurrie – disappointed with the sentence

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