The LIME/ERICSSON partnership

Telecommunications Company, LIME, is introducing improved efficiencis that will enable the Full-service provider to increase subscriber satisfactio.

LIME on Monday announced that it has entered into an exclusive Managed Services Agreement with Ericsson to manage the company’s field operations and network infrastructure.

In a move that will deliver the greatest value and efficiency to customers, LIME is partnering with Ericsson, a world-leading managed service specialist of telecommunications networks, to deliver significant enhancement in service delivery while managing the Technical Operations and Field Services arms of the LIME Grenada business.

LIME anticipates that the implementation of the Ericsson’s Managed Services Solution will bolster its network operations and cut operating expenses over the seven year life of the contract, a significant overhead reduction aimed at helping the company to become more competitive while being better able to respond to customer needs.

As part of the agreement, the positions of nineteen (19) members of LIME’s current Service Delivery team have been made redundant effective 12th December, 2013.

Ericsson has offered employment to all of the former LIME employees, and the global firm will benefit from one of the most experienced technical teams in the region.

LIME will work to ensure the smoothest possible transition for employees who elect to seek employment with Ericsson or otherwise.

LIME selected Ericsson as the world leading provider of communications technology and services. Today 40% of the world’s mobile traffic goes through Ericsson networks.

The company supports customers’ networks servicing more than 2.5 billion subscriptions and manages networks that serve 1 billion subscribers worldwide.

Ericsson has more than 110,000 people that speak more than 100 languages working with customers in more than 180 countries.

Ericsson has been providing LIME/Cable & Wireless with advanced integrated mobile voice and data services for nearly a decade.

Ahead of its official commencement of operations in Grenada, Ericsson will establish locally registered offices in preparation for its management of LIME’s field operations and service delivery and its employment of staff.

LIME Grenada’s General Manager, Angus Steele said: “LIME is committed to delivering world-class service that will differentiate us from all our competitors, and when we consider Ericsson’s domain knowledge, economies of scale, network design, optimisation and field maintenance, we are confident that LIME will be able to provide service that is on par with best-in-class operators across the globe.

“Through this agreement, LIME has also stimulated foreign investment for Grenada as Ericsson will now be establishing local operations. A move that is not only good for LIME but also for the country at large,” added Steele.

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