Cultural artistes to pay tribute to Mandela at Spice Basket

The Spice Basket comes alive this Friday evening December 13, as cultural artistes come together to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Cultural ambassador, Francis Urias Peters has extended an invitation to cultural artistes and the Grenadian community to meet at the Spice Basket in Beaulieu to honour and celebrate the life of the greatest leader and icon of our times.

There will be no cover charge, “just bring your voice, your musical instrument, your song, your drum, your dance and a candle and let’s have a great time of reflection, praise and communion”, says Peters.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for both artistes and the community to come together in unity and celebration in one space.

Peters states that since Spice Basket’s motto is, “Home of Grenadian Culture”, he sees it fitting for the event to be staged at that venue; “on the deck’; in an open and informal setting.

The Cultural tributes begin at 7:00 p.m and admission is free.

Every one is asked to walk with a candle.

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