$60,000.00 Bail For Three on Drug Charges

Bevin Bascombe and Jermaine Phillip – brought to court on drug charges

Bevin Bascombe and Jermaine Phillip – brought to court on drug charges

Police have raided a building at Grand Mal, St. George’s that is also used as a Barber Shop from where a quantity of marijuana was found.

The operation that was carried out by Police Officers from the Central Division yielded 18 pounds, ten ounces of marijuana.

The suspects – Jermaine Phillip, Gibson Parris and Bevin Bascombe – were all taken into custody and each charged with possession of a dangerous drug, and trafficking.

The men were in the upper part of the building that is used as a house when the lawmen swooped down on them.

THE NEW TODAY Newspaper was reliably informed that having been taken by surprise, the men tried to get rid of the illegal drugs that were contained in packages by throwing them out of a window.

A source said the packages landed close to one of the Police Officers who was keeping guard outside as his colleagues stormed into the building.

Due to a health issue, Parris who is from Grand Mal was immediately placed on bail in the sum of $60,000.00 with two sureties.

Phillip who is from Mt. Moritz and Bascombe from Paraclete, St. Andrew’s were also placed on bail in the same sum when they appeared in court on Monday before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill.

All three accused persons are due to appear in court on March 21, 2014.


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