Petna scholarship for Grenadian student

A Grenadian student now has the opportunity to receive a university education from McMaster University in Canada.

The lucky student can pursue an undergraduate degree for about four to five years through the Earle and Janice Brathwaite Scholarship Fund.

It is the newest initiative to be undertaken by the Petna Foundation, the brainchild of the son of former Prime Minister Nicholas Brathwaite

The scholarship is an all-expensive paid in the sum of Can $40,000.00 annually including plane ticket.

The student will also be provided with residency, health insurance, meals and transportation.

Vice-President Advancement of Academia University, Dr. Rodd Morrison indicated that they would like to attract a highly gifted person for the scholarship.

The Earle Nicholas and Janice Brathwaite foundation was established by the PETNA Foundation to support students from Grenada in pursuing an undergraduate degree at McMaster University.

Awards can be made to students entering any level 1 program as a full-time student, and are tenable for up to four years (with special consideration for students undertaking a five-year undergraduate program.)

The award covers all educational expenses, including application fees, deposits, travel, tuition, housing, food, books, and other education-related supplies.

The recipients will continue to be sponsored once they remain registered as full-time students, meet the minimum course load requirement as outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar, and obtain a Cumulative Average of 8.0 or greater.

McMaster University, established in 1887, is ranked as one of the world’s Top 100 universities.

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the University has approximately 25,000 full-time students representing more than 70 countries, and offers a full range of programmes in arts, sciences, engineering and medicine.




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