Huge Fines on Drug Men

Shankiell “Riley” Myland – to loose some of his property

Shankiell “Riley” Myland – to loose some of his property

A Magistrate’s court in St. George’s has handed down stiff fines on four men who have been charged with drug offenses.

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), on March 2, 2012, arrested and charged Waynesworth Barrett of Jamaica, Jason Gellizeau of River Road, St. George’s, Pinero Thomas of Paradise St. Andrew’s and Shankiell “Riley” Myland of Woburn St. George’s, for the offences of Conspiracy to Traffic in a Controlled Drug to wit: cocaine.

All four accused were also charged with the offence of trafficking in a substance believed to be a controlled drug to wit: cocaine, and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Pinero Thomas - fined $30,000

Pinero Thomas – fined $30,000

These charges arose from an investigation carried out by the FIU into the operations of a criminal network involving the exportation of cocaine from Grenada, to the United Kingdom by couriers and the transfer of monies as payment, via a money remitting service, from the United Kingdom to Grenada.

All defendants appeared before the St. George’s number Two Magistrate’s Court before Karen Noel and Barrett, Gellizeau and Thomas pleaded guilty to the offence of trafficking in cocaine.

Barrett was fined $15,000 to be paid immediately and in default serve nine months in prison.

In the case of Gellizeau, he was fined EC $15,000 to be paid in eight months, in default spend the next nine months in prison while Thomas had a fine of $30,000 imposed on him to be paid in eight months and in default serve one year in prison.

Myland who had had brushes with the law on drug charges over the years pleaded guilty to the charge of Conspiracy to traffic in cocaine.

Waynesworth Barrett - fined $15,000

Waynesworth Barrett – fined $15,000

The Woburn resident was fined $65,000 on Friday, November 1 to be paid in eight months and in default subjected to a one-year term in prison.

Magistrate Noel also issued a confiscation order against Myland in the sum of $24,000, to be paid in four months, in default one year

The confiscation order is the second of its kind in Grenada, and the first within the last ten years in the Eastern Caribbean.



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