Church and School Robber Caught

Kerrie Frederick – tied up with the Berean School robbery

Kerrie Frederick – tied up with the Berean School robbery

Police have laid a number of charges on a Painter of River Road, St. George’s for allegedly breaking into the Berean Christian Academy School on Lucas Street, St. George’s, and the Pastor’s house of the Grenada Seventh Day Adventist Church on Independence Avenue, St. George’s

The suspect, Kerin Frederick, 33 years old appeared before Magistrate Karen Noel at the St. George’s Number Two Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday facing six charges of housebreaking and stealing.

He pleaded guilty to five of the charges that were laid summarily.

Frederick’s onslaught began last year when he allegedly broke into and stole from the Adventist Church House sometime between July 20 and 27 and removed several pieces of furniture, and cutlery including a living room set, television, and a video player all valued at $6,130.00.

Most of the offenses were committed against the Berean Christian Academy.

He is accused of breaking into the privately-operated school sometime between October 18 and 21.

Additionally, a charge was laid on Frederick for stealing from the school during the same period articles valued $828.10.

Frederick is also accused of unlawfully breaking into the Berean Christian Academy on another occasion sometime between October 4 and 7.

A charge of stealing was also slapped on him for stealing articles valued at $457.50 from the same school.

The River Road resident is also accused of stealing one pair of tennis shoes, beach chair, and an umbrella, which altogether valued $240.30 between October 29, and 30 at Observatory Road, St. George’s, the property of Carl Cambridge, a Security Consultant.

The items were removed from a vehicle owned by Cambridge.

The matters involving Cambridge were disposed off immediately as the accused pleaded guilty and Magistrate Noel imposed a three year prison sentence on him.

Police Prosecutor Corporal Terrence Andall objected to bail being granted to Frederick on the other charges as he described the accused as being dangerous when it comes to stealing.

Cpl. Andall informed the court that Frederick has 12 previous convictions, 10 for stealing and the other 2 for unlawful possession started in 2008.

The Police Prosecutor told the court that everyone in the neighbourhood have problems whenever Frederick is out of prison.

The court learnt that none of the stolen items were recovered.

Frederick was taken away to the Richmond Hill prison and is due back in court on December 16 to answer the other criminal charges.

The charges laid by police against the Painter include 3 counts of housebreaking, 4 counts of stealing and one count of housebreaking and stealing.

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