Market Vendors putting up resistance

MVendorsA group of about 45 vendors at the St. George’s Market have pledged to stand firm in resisting moves from the authorities to have them relocated.

The vendors who trade their goods opposite Foodland Market Square supermarket were on Tuesday, given orders by the Ministry of Works to move out from where they are so that rehabilitation work on that side of the market can commence.

The vendors told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper they were told that if they did not move in a timely manner that the funds for the rehabilitation work that is provided by the government of Venezuela will be dried up.

With placards surrounding their booths, the vendors who are mainly women said the area where they are being relocated to, is not conducive for their business.

They pointed out that there is no shade for them in the new area, and they will have to face the adverse weather conditions, whether it was the sun or rain.

The vendors are insisting that once covering is provided for them they will be willing to relocate their business.

The vendors have been operating at their current location for almost ten years.

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