Decomposed Head Found

Police Investigators believe they have finally found the head of a young woman whose torso was discovered in a garbage bag one year ago in a garbage bin in St. George’s.

The decomposed head was discovered in a plastic bag on H. A. Blaize Street in St. George’s late last week.

Police suspect that the head could be that of Akera Lalgie of Bay Road, Upper La Tante who went on a business errand for her mother in August 2012 but never made it back home.

Her boyfriend, schoolteacher John Redhead of Requin, St. David’s is facing a charge of murder for the death of Lalgie.

A homeless man who was in search of food found Lalgie’s torso with both her head, arms and legs missing.

THE NEW TODAY Newspaper has been informed that the local police is considering seeking assistance from forensic experts in the region to assist them in determining if indeed the head belongs to Lalgie.

An intensive search at the Perseverance Landfill yielded two human thighs, which are believed to be those of Lalgie.

One week after the discovery of the torso, both feet of the deceased were found near the crime scene.


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