A budget of hope

In keeping with his campaign theme of, “We will deliver”, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has told the nation that the 2014 budget to be presented by the New National Party government will fall in line with the commitment.

Addressing a public meeting of the NNP at the Roy St. John Recreation Ground on November 17, the Prime Minister told party supporters, “Your next budget will be most likely on December 06, 2013. That Budget my friends, will be the first demonstration of a Budget that meets the commitment to the people of this country.”

The NNP took all fifteen seats in the February 19 poll as it made several promises to the electorate including the building of a new economy for Grenada, and thousands of jobs from foreign investors who were waiting to move into the country.

The NNP public meeting came at the end of the party’s annual convention held at the Grenada Boys Secondary School.

It was the lowest turnout of NNP supporters at a mass rally called by the party that has dominated the political landscape in the country for the past 20 years.

Addressing a handful of supporters, Dr. Mitchell called on them to pay attention to the Budget presentation, which will take place at the Grenada Trade Centre, the temporary home for Parliament.

“I ask every single one of you to pay particular attention to this because there will be several initiatives meant to aid the further development of this country”, he said.

“There will not be an attempt to increase the size of the public sector because that is a no, no, but because of the initiative of your government, your team of men and women, there will be lots of opportunities for people in this country at all levels”, he added.

The Mitchell government has approached the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to get its “blessings” for a homegrown Structural Adjustment Programme lasting for three years to address drop in revenues as opposed to high government expenditure.

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