PM Mitchell denies bringing in bullet proof vehicle

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has brushed aside reports circulating in the country that he has brought in a bullet proof vehicle for use.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference in St. George’s, Dr. Mitchell said that only “a skewed type of individual” will make those allegations against him.

“You see that, the type of thing that in fact is the mindset of a skewed type of individuals in the country”, he said as he responded to the allegations during a post-Cabinet press briefing.

“Some of these things (are) so far fetched they should not reach as far as they reach if we had a more discerning media and public, because for something to be so absolutely false with no justification at all,” he added.

Dr Mitchell who is also the island’s Minister for National Security stated that he rejected suggestions made by some persons around him that he needed a new vehicle like in 2008 when new vehicles were brought for his successor in office, Tillman Thomas of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“…It was suggested (but) I say not a new vehicle, I’m driving the old vehicle period. The country’s not in a position to support this … now…”, he said.

“…If somebody can give us a new vehicle of course I will take it and we’ve asked some of our friends out there from the international community.

“…We want a vehicle for the Governor General cause the one she has is very uncomfortable for her, but we don’t have the money to buy one.

Prime Minister Mitchell dropped hints that he intends to use the vehicles that he inherited from PM Thomas in light of the current’s financial predicament.

“My dear lady (female reporter), the financial situation cannot afford it at this time but if somebody will give us, we will take, but even if they give us a bullet proof I would not take because what I doing with bullet proof?

“You all know me, you all know me. I like to walk around by myself. My security some times get very worried about me. I like to go to my Constituency without security because that’s not me (going in bulletproof vehicles).

“Even when I was in Opposition and they (the opposition) were threatening me to jail me, to beat me up, I used to walk around and have me little Juper (vehicle) with me, 109, you remember that? And walk the streets and I felt comfortable. That’s me, that’s my life, and you will never see a different person in Keith Mitchell. Politics would not change me. Bullet proof … we in the Middle East?”


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