Dr. Mitchell: ‘All lies’ by NDC

Minister for National Security and Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell says that allegations of ministers fuelling their vehicles at Central Police Station on the Carenage are “totally false.”

Addressing a recent post-Cabinet briefing last week, Dr. Mitchell told the media that the members of the National Democratic Congress (NDFC) party are responsible for spreading these lies.

“That ministers were given the permission to get gas from the police pump while still collecting the $500.00 a month for gas … that is totally false”, he said.

Police Officers stationed at the Central Police Station on the Carenage in St. George’s expressed uneasiness shortly after the NNP returned to office following the February 19 General Election, after they allegedly received orders to provide Government Ministers with gasoline for their personal vehicles from the pump.

Several vehicles of NNP elected Members of Parliament have been seen filling up their fuel tanks on the Carenage.

However, this newspaper is not certain whether these ministers were collecting the official traveling allowance provided for in the budget and still taking gas from the police pump.

The New Today has been informed that a notice was posted on the police compound on the Carenage informing the lawmen that authorization has been given for Ministers of the NNP government to have their gas tanks filled from the resources that are provided for police vehicles.

The police official who spoke on condition of not being identified said he believes the new system of providing the Government Ministers with their gasoline will put additional pressure on the Police force.

He said that the person assigned to deliver gas to at least two police vehicles every half hour may now have to give gas to as much as 12 vehicles.

The source indicated that the new system will further compromise the RGPF since some might now see it as being politically aligned to NNP.

In addition, several persons who have visited the compound of Central Police Station indicated to this newspaper that they have seen the notice and one individual reported seeing a vehicle owned by one of the elected Members of Parliament in a rural constituency taking gas at the pump.

However, Dr. Mitchell remains adamant that these reports are “all lies” being perpetuated by persons aligned to the rejected NDC.


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