The night robber attempt to escape left him with a broken hand and leg

The night robber attempt to escape left him with a broken hand and leg

Drug addict and night robber, Richard Andrew will spend the next three years at Her Majesty’s Prison at Richmond Hill.

Originally from Darbeau and recently a resident of Kirani James Boulevard, St George, Andrew was arrested and charged by members of the Royal Grenada Police (RGPF) after illegally entering the home of veteran Broadcaster George Grant on Woolwich Road, St. George’s about 2:35 a.m. on October 23.

The accused appeared on Monday before Chief Magistrate, Tamara Gill, and after pleading guilty to the charge received a three-year prison sentence for the offence of illegal entry and stealing.

The Chief Magistrate handed down the jail term despite a plea from Grant to be lenient on the accused.

Gill reminded the court that Andrew was a repeated offender and was released from prison only a few months ago.

The night robber confessed to the police that he was in the vicinity of Grant’s home, saw a door on the verandah open and released that the broadcaster was asleep.

The intruder climbed up on the plastic down pipe from the guttering on the roof to get into the apartment building.

He laid his hand on Grant’s wallet and took out $400.00 in cash, collected two cell phones in the house and was in the process of packing a laptop into a bag when the broadcaster awoke from his sleep and surprised the intruder.

The broadcaster yelled at Andrew, “You’re dead.”

The intruder then threw himself over a 15-foot high balcony and sustained a broken wrist, a broken elbow and broken foot while escaping.

Grant called in the police and informed them that they needed to keep a close eye on the General Hospital since he believed that the man was left injured from the fall.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Andrew used some of the $400.00 to buy crack cocaine in the hope that it would help ease the pain from the injuries sustained.

“He said that he had bought some medication at the pharmacy, and I thought he meant a genuine pharmacy. However, I have since learned that what he bought was cocaine. He admitted to me that he also bought some alcohol to help with the pain. He then flagged down a vehicle for a ride since he was in a lot of pain and could hardly walk.

“Unfortunately, it was a police vehicle that was passing. They stopped and when they saw who it was they were interested in him since he was limping. The police went way with him and started to question him about his injuries.

“I am told that at first, he told them that he fell from off the pier. They did not buy his story and upon further questioning, he (Andrew) then admitted that he had broken into Grant’s home and was forced to throw himself out of the building when the man got up and realised that there was an intruder in his home.

The source said that the Police granted a request made by Grant to meet with Andrew prior to taking him to court.

The accused offered an apology and asked Grant to show mercy on him since he did not want to go back to the Richmond Hill prison.

Grant is the producer and host of the weekly radio and Internet programme, “Sunday’s With George Grant.”


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