Night Robber Injured

George Grant – robbed while sleeping

George Grant – robbed while sleeping

An uninvited guest at the home of Broadcaster George Grant injured himself after trying to escape by jumping over a balcony.

A police source said that a suspect from Darbeau in St. George’s, is in custody but currently warded at the St. George’s General Hospital under police guard nursing his injuries including several broken bones allegedly from the fall.

THE NEW TODAY Newspaper understands that the intruder made his way into Grant’s bedroom in the wee hours of last week Wednesday morning by climbing up the side of the building.

Grant who is the producer and host of the weekly programme, “Sunday’s With George Grant” relayed the incident to his listeners while broadcasting his programme from Carriacou last week Sunday.

The Broadcaster said that at about 2:35 a.m. on Wednesday, October 23 he opened his eyes only to find the intruder in his bedroom.

He said the man was already in the process of placing one of his laptop Computers into a bag that he was carrying.

According to Grant, the intruder had already taken $400.00 out of his wallet and a cheque along with his two cellular phones.

The Broadcaster spoke of being able to brave himself into scaring off the intruder.

“I yelled at him, ‘you’re dead!’ “ he said.

Grant said the man decided against climbing down and instead jumped off a balcony that is estimated to be about 30 feet in height and damaged himself.

This newspaper learnt that the man now in police custody suffered a broken arm and leg and other internal injuries and was being treated at the hospital.

Grant who did not chase after the uninvited guest into his apartment summoned the Police and advised them that in order to capture Andrew they should check with the hospital to see if they had an injured patient with broken bones.

Acting on the information from Grant, the lawmen after sweeping the apartment for fingerprints swooped down on the hospital and soon expressed an interest in the injured man from Darbeau.

The Broadcaster has expressed interest in visiting the injured man at the hospital to forgive him for invading his privacy.

The police are said to be deliberating on whether to grant the unusual request made by the broadcaster.

Five days before Grant’s debacle, the house of another Radio Talk Show Host, Edward ‘Eddie’ Frederick at Old Fort, St. George’s was broken into.

According to an informed source the intruder made his way into the house through a window while Frederick was away from home on October 18.

The unknown person helped himself to Frederick’s Laptop Computer and some colognes.


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