Measures to ‘clean-up’ homeless people

A homless man in the town of St. George

A homless man in the town of St. George

Moves are afoot by government to bring some form of dignity to homeless people who frequent the streets in the Town of St. George.

During a recent post-Cabinet press briefing, Foreign Affairs Minister Nickolas Steele said a Bill on socially displaced persons was discussed during the weekly meeting.

Steele said the Bill will address the rehabilitation of those persons who are often referred to as Vagrants.

He spoke of most of these persons having issues that society on the whole has not been able to deal with.

“In setting up this Legislation, it gives the Ministry of Social Affairs the mandate to deal with these individuals,” he said.

According to the senior Government Minister, it is hoped that after the homeless people have been rehabilitated they will be able to be reintegrated back into society.

A few weeks ago, a leading religious leader in the city complained of the acts of vandalism against his church on Market Hill by vagrants.


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