Jenny Gumbs calls it a day

Counselor Jenny Gumbs – calls it a day at the Toronto Office

Counselor Jenny Gumbs – calls it a day at the Toronto Office

A new face is to take up duties as Grenada’s Consul General in Toronto, Canada as the current office holder, Jenny Gumbs has served notice to the eight-year old Keith Mitchell Government that she no longer wishes to continue in that position.

Foreign Affairs Minister Nickolas Steele told reporters that Gumbs’ contract comes to an end at the end of February 2014 and as a result has decided to take the leave that is due to her.

Steele said that in the interim the Counselor from Washington will be going to the Toronto Office to ensure a smooth hand over to the new person to be appointed.

He said an announcement will be made shortly by government about the replacement.

“We do take the job of the Honorary Consul in Toronto very seriously and it is something that we will make sure… that the appropriate replacement is found as soon as possible or the announcement of the appropriate replacement is done as quickly as possible,” he added.

The Foreign Affairs Minister said that since the new government took Office eight months ago, they havecontinued with a process of restructuring all of the island’s foreign offices.

However, Steele pointed out that the process is not yet complete since the administration wants to ensure that it is done very efficiently.

He said he expects the final process in the downsizing of staff at the foreign missions will be completed by the first quarter of next year.


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