Walters calls for more attention to be paid to boys

Deleon Walters – look after the boys

Deleon Walters – look after the boys

A male member of the Courts Marketing Team, Deleon Walters believes greater effort should be made toward to the educational development of young boys in the country.

Walters made the suggestion during the final of the Courts Reading Competition held last week Friday at the auditorium of the Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS) at Tanteen, St. George’s.

He suggested that the same level of attention that is shown to the young girls must be done for the boys.

Walters who is Courts Senior Marketing Officer indicated that in the previous four Courts Reading Competition, girls emerged as the winners.

However, this year one of the two boys, Dean Bedeau who was among the seven 2013 finalists, actually won the competition.

Walters said previously the boys have not been playing their role in the competition.

“We blame everything when we see the boys going astray… but we have to ask ourselves are we playing the role we (are) supposed to play when looking after our boys?” he asked.

Noting that a child’s educational development starts at the home, Walters said it is not the job of the teachers to teach a child to read.

“You need to start that platform, you need to prepare the child first,” he remarked.

According to Walters, the investment Courts has been making over the last five years in the children means a lot to the furniture company in terms of their development.

He encouraged the rest of the business community to support education in any form.

Deputy Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Patricia Felix who addressed the function indicated that the annual reading competition has impacted positively on parents, students, as well as the schools.

Felix believes that most parents are now taking a keener interest in encouraging their children to become excellent readers.

The Education Official said there is evidence that the primary school students who participate in the reading competition continue to excel at the secondary level, and are actively involved in the activities at their schools.

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