FIFA asked to intervene in GFA affairs

Football in Grenada seems to be heading for another crisis.

Former national goal-keeper, Paul Roberts has written to the FIFA bosses in Switzerland asking them to intervene and sort out some contentious local issues affecting the sports.

Roberts, a former Vice-President of the Grenada Football Association (GFA) wrote the letter dated October 13, 2013 to FIFA’s Secretary General.

In the letter, Roberts raised concerns about the leadership style of the President, Chenny Joseph, citing the Management-methodology of the President and his penchant to spend money on items outside football development.


Following is the full text of the letter:


The Secretary General


FIFA Strasse 20

PO box 8044





Dear Mr. Valcke:


I write to you as former Vice-President of the Grenada Football Association – a position I resigned from, due to the President’s inability to focus on the building of the Inheritance of a well oiled Football environment left by the interim Committee led by former Speaker of the House, George Mc Guire which followed some three or four targeted visits by FIFA teams.

Unfortunately and since my resignation, the deterioration has continued at such a pace that it has become critical for me to request again and for the second time, some form of remedial intervention by FIFA.

Notwithstanding FIFA’s intervention and a subsequent correction of the then “dysfunctional” management of Football within the GFA, I have no alternative to again press the panic button and request an SOS intervention at this time for the following reasons:


(1). The total abandonment of the “Barbados Resolutions” – the result of the FIFA sponsored Management workshop for Members of the GFA Executive which laid out a Road map of development for Grenada Football.


(2). Some 1.5 million Dollars FAP funds received which has not impacted on the game in Grenada.


(3). Thousands of dollars not accounted for by way of reports:


Gold Cup 2011


Super League 2011


Heineken League 2011.


(4). Lack of communication between members of the Executive Committee resulting (in) serious absenteeism becoming almost dysfunctional as it relates to collective decision-making.


2. (1). Pre-emptive removal of the former General Secretary without due process and without re-numeration, a matter which resulted in the GFA being taken to court; a matter which the Vice-President took up with the President, causing a serious conflict, which again resulted in another Court matter, this time between the Vice-President and the President.


(2). Huge spending on non-budgeted items.



(3). Non-support for Parish football development – a key element of the Barbados Declaration.


(4). A mounting debt of some $450,000.00 with no clear vision for servicing of such debt.


A myriad of other mis-management items could be tabulated but the most telling one is that the newly appointed General Secretary has, after only a few short weeks in office, voluntarily handed-in his resignation to the President citing a dysfunctional GFA.

Again the dysfunction of the GFA is continuing while the President calmly prepares for next year’s election of a President; which he hopes will re-elect him.

The reason for my resignation as Vice-President two years ago protested the Management-methodology of the President and his penchant to spend FAP on items outside football development.

No amount of coercion on my part changed his style of dismissive leadership; and alas I had to resign.

There was an intensification of this style over the past two years which culminated in a reluctance by members of his own Executive Committee to attend meetings; and by the low morale of staff, resulting in the General Secretary’s pre-emptive and immediate resignation.

I suggest that, as was done last time, a FIFA fact-finding team be sent to Grenada soonest in order to correct this dire situation.


Yours in football,


Paul Roberts

 Former GFA Vice-President/General Council Member


 St. George’s.



Cc: Gregory Englebrecht & Primo Corvaro

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