Female ‘journalist’ removed from NDC General Council

Young Female – caught spying on NDC General Council

Young Female – caught spying on NDC General Council

A young woman who claims to be employed with the “Caribupdate Newspaper” was asked to leave the closed-door session of the General Council of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that took place Sunday at the Hermitage Government School in St. Patrick’s.

The young lady, clad in a red blouse and jeans pants, was spotted by a delegate of one of the constituency branches in St. George’s recording and taking photographs of what was taking place from outside.

The young reporter was seen standing close to an open window as she recorded the proceedings.

She was approached to leave the area just as reports to the General Council by the various constituencies were coming to an end.

When confronted, the reporter allegedly said that she was sent to cover the meeting by Hamlet Mark who is the brainchild behind the weekly Caribupdate newspaper.

According to the young lady, her mission was to take pictures of the delegates attending the NDC meeting and to write a story about the General Council session.

Mark was a key member of the NDC Public Relations Team in the 2008 General Elections due to his association with the party’s expelled General Secretary, Peter David.

The Munich-born journalist switched sides in the last general elections and rejoined the New National Party (NNP) of Dr. Keith Mitchell which won all 15 seats in the February 19 general elections.

He was soon appointed to the post of Senior Advisor on Communications in the Office of the Prime Minister.

A member of his media team, Keisha Grant-Alexander also landed the post of Press Secretary to Prime Minister Mitchell.

Sunday’s incident involving the female journalist associated with the Caribupdate newspaper created a stir among the over 300 delegates who seemingly became annoyed over the intrusion into their party’s private indoor meeting.

There has been no immediate reaction from Mark on the episode.



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