Abolitionists clamour for removal of death penalty

DEATH PENALTYA group calling itself, “The Greater Caribbean For Life”, is calling for the removal of the death penalty that still remains on the Law Books of several Caribbean Countries.

The call was forcefully made last week Thursday in observance of “World Day Against The Death Penalty.”

While there has been no State execution in Grenada since 1978, the death penalty remains on the Statute Books.

However, Local Attorney Anselm Clouden who is a member of the group believes that the maintenance of the death penalty does not diminish crime.

Clouden, who addressed members of the media at his Grenlaw Chambers on Lucas Street, St. George’s, said crime has to be attacked in a more comprehensive and organised fashion by way of other punitive actions.

“State execution is just as bad as the other form of execution,” he said.

“Execution does not solve the problem, there will always be murder,” he added.

The group member stressed that attention must be placed on re-habitation, reform, re-adaptation and compensation for the victim.

Clouden argued that crime is a symptom of other things than mere premeditated murder.

He is suggesting that those who commit acts of murder should be made to work while being incarcerated and their earnings should be forwarded to the relatives of the victims as a form of compensation.

“I think philosophically that people are re-adaptable, they could be rehabilitated if we get rid of the symptoms of crime,” he said.

The local attorney stressed that crime must be addressed from a sociological and economic standpoint rather than a punitive punishment.

The murder toll for the year stands at six.

The ultimate goal of the Greater Caribbean For Life is to achieve a permanent abolition of capital punishment in each and every country of the Greater Caribbean, and the creation of a culture of respect for the right to life and the inherent dignity of all human beings.


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