High Court forced to close

High Court Judge Madam Justice Paula Gilford was forced to abort the proceedings of a rape case on Monday due to the unsatisfactory state of the courtroom.

Justice Gilford was forced to act as weekend rain penetrated the roof of High Court Number Two causing the rainwater to settle inside of the courtroom.

A source close to the High Court told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper, the rainwater that settled on the inside left a bad stench, which was unbearable when the court resumed on Monday.

He said the odour seemingly affected the entire court including the lawyers assembled in the room, as well as jurors.

The authorities were called in to engage in a mopping up and cleaning up exercise to get the court in a more hospitable state for resumption of the case on Tuesday.

In recent times, lawyers have been complaining about the suitability of the building to serve as a high court.

The lawyers have cited the lack of facilities to adequately keep accused persons from getting into contact with jurors and of proper facilities for interaction between barristers and their clients in a courtroom setting.

The rape case involves – Todd Sylvester and Kenston Grimes – who are being represented by the Law Firms of Grenlaw Chambers and Justis Chambers.


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